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Many employers just hire people and hope for the best.  That can prove to be a burdensome proposition.  If your company is in need of hiring an employee of any kind and wants help finding that person, Ace can help.  Ace Temporaries, Inc. is capable of acting as a probationary agent for your new hires. In congruence with the idea of probationary employment, Ace can recruit candidates for you to interview. Once they have been properly vetted by your company, Ace will provide them for your pre-determined time frame to later be hired and added to your payrolls if you desire.   Conversely, why not have your candidates work through your pre-determined probationary period on Ace's payroll to be sure that they are a good fit for your company?   Both of these scenarios can be a very cost effective and time saving means to avoid the expenses associated with Workers Compensation Insurance and unnecessary unemployment claims.  Once your prospective hire is properly adjusted and worthy of hiring, then you can process them onto your payroll.  In the event they don't work out, you or your HR Department have not wasted any time or energy - and you won't be liable for any unemployment claims should they arise!  We will work diligently with you to ensure that we carefully design a plan to satisfy whatever your specific employment demands might be.